Bond County Community Unit #2 Academic Foundation

“A Bridge to Light The Way to a Brighter Future”

We support the B.C.C.U. #2 School District’s objective of providing a quality education to Greenville, Pocahontas, and Sorento, Illinois students by awarding teacher grants, administering college and aviation scholarships, and supporting character education.

Scholarships Available

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation has been entrusted with awarding college and aviation scholarships to graduating B.C.C.U. #2 High School Seniors. Application forms and more information are available in the high school guidance office.

Teacher Grants

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation seeks to enhance ALL students’ educational experience within the School District through annual funding of Teacher Grants which help teachers to obtain the classroom tools they need to further their students’ learning.

“Light The Way” Gala

March 21, 2020 Gala cancelled out of an abundance of caution over coronavirus concerns.

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation organizes an Annual Gala, an evening of fine dining, entertainment, and spirited auctions for the benefit of enhancing the educational experience of all B.C.C.U. #2 students.

Our Story

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation is a major supporting force in our district schools. The Foundation, consisting of both parents and community members, strives to assist in bringing the best possible education to the students of B.C.C.U. #2.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide academic and vocational opportunities for the students of our district. The Foundation has benefited our students with many educational tools that the district could not otherwise provide and which keep our students up-to-date in classroom materials and technology.

Student Scholarships 2017 photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate
Teacher Grants 2016 photo courtesy WGEL 101.7FM Daily News
Student Scholarships 2016 photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate
Light The Way Gala 2016 photo courtesy WGEL 101.7FM Daily News
Student Scholarships 2015 photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate
Teacher Grants 2015 photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate

News & Photos

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation has supported all types of projects. Below are links to pictures and news releases of student award and scholarship presentations, teacher grant funded items, our “Light The Way” Gala, and so much more!

High School Marching Band Drum Major

  Business Meetings

B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (excluding July, August, and April) at the B.C.C.U. #2 High School Media Center at 5:30 pm.

An annual meeting of members is held each fall for the purpose of electing directors.


Have you joined our membership but want to do more? Give the gift of your time and/or skills for a fundraising event, community outreach opportunity, or special project.

Contact the B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation to volunteer!

Core Principles


To enrich the educational experience of our children by providing a bridge to meet the common objectives between the Unit #2 School District and the community.


Bond County Community Unit #2 Academic Foundation provides educational opportunities by funding grants and facilitating scholarships for students in the district.


The grants are based upon teacher requests for their classrooms. These innovative and supplemental educational resources provide benefits to students at each school in Bond County.

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by an all volunteer board. We seek sources of private funding to support this mission. We raise money with a variety of fundraisers throughout the year for items beyond the scope of taxpayer funding including annual grants, scholarships, and an endowment fund.

We are dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our children through the advancement of relationships, partnerships, membership and stewardship.

To Reach our Mission, We Value:

  • Relationships... with the Parents, Community, Businesses, District Administration, Educational Staff, School Board, Alumni, Teachers, Students
  • Partnerships... with B.C.C.U. #2 and other organizations
  • Membership... individuals donating time, talent, or resources to our mission
  • Stewardship... ownership of our mission

Since the 1990’s, the Academic Foundation in Bond County has provided an ongoing bridge to academic enrichment for all students across all schools in the district. We provide larger funding to projects aligned with all District Unit #2 schools and not funded by tax dollars, as compared to the PTOs and Booster clubs which are aligned with individual schools.

Supporting Educational Opportunities is Tax Deductible!

B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the IRS. Contributions are tax deductible.